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Book Review: Some Girls Bite (a Chicagoland Vampires novel) by Chloe Neill

SERIES:  Chicagoland Vampires #1

COVER ART:  Dark and haunting with a splash of pink—exactly how I like my fiction. Hand on hip= sassy heroine? And yes, FTW.

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1)

SUMMARY:  Chicago native and graduate student, Merit, has just been turned into a vampire against her will. Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so, too. Most “I didn’t want to be a vampire” stories start out pretty much the same, but this one has a twist: in Merit’s world, vampires are out of the proverbial coffin and they’re choosy suckers when it comes to turning people. After all, they’re picking whose company they’re going to keep for eternity. Most vampires belong to a ”house” that has a master and an entire staff. It’s a pretty unique take on the whole fanged situation since in this world people don’t accidentally become a vampire, they must be inducted. Merit’s new “master” Ethan Sullivan is hot with a capital h! Unfortunately for Merit (and fortunately for me) he’s also a little insufferable. But we all know the most difficult men are the most fun to catch. So this leaves Merit & Co. in a pretty unique situation and it seems not everybody is thrilled that she’s made the transition. With a price on her head, and a chip on her shoulder (Master of Cadogan House (Merit’s new “home”) Ethan Sullivan sure is dreamy, but what a total PITA!), Merit falls right into vampire life, even if it’s something she never wanted.

FIRST CHAPTER:  Begins after her transition in a limo… and she can’t remember a thing. It’s weird and I love it.

DIALOGUE:  Catchy, snarky, fun. Sometimes I think Neill graduated from Whedon’s School of Dialogue, which is a total compliment.

Quote that made me laugh: (Catcher Bell, Merit’s trainer, explaining to Merit why the question she just asked is impolite.)

“Asking about someone’s animal is the shifter equivalent of pulling a ruler and asking a guy to whip it out.”

Quote that made me swoon: (Ethan asking Merit an important question. It’s a little on the… less romantic side, but I like it anyway!)

“I could offer you more.” 
“Power. Access. Rewards. You’d need be available only to me.” 
“Are you asking me to be your mistress?” 
“Oh, my God.” 
“Is that a yes?” 
“No, Ethan, Jesus. Definitely not.”

Quote that broke my heart: (Between Ethan and Merit. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about the scene surrounding this little conversation.)

“You’re crude.” 
“I’m crude?”
“You just offered to make me your whore.”
“To be the Consort of a Master vampire is an honor, Initiate, not an insult.”
“It’s an insult to me. I’m not going to be your—anyone’s—sexual outlet. When that . . . happens for me, when I meet him, I want partnership. Love. You don’t trust me enough for the former, 
and I’m not even sure you’re capable of the latter.”

BIAS:  Merit’s not a teen, which is a refreshing change. She’s in her late 20s, which I can totally relate to. We both have that whole being-grown-up-but-not-really-being-a-grown-up-yet thing going on.

READ-A-LONG SONG:  Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money


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