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Book Review: Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires #2) by Chloe Neill

SERIES:  Chicagoland Vampires (#2)

COVER ART:  Our fanged heroine, Merit, looks a little friskier on this cover, but I like it. She still has her signature choppy bangs and her hair isn’t drastically different from the first cover. It’s Merit 2.0 (which is fitting, heh.)

Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires, #2)

SUMMARY:  Now that Merit’s made it through her first few weeks as a vampire and has come out (somewhat) unscathed, she has an all new challenge to face: playing socialite with the ever bossy Master of Cadogan House, Ethan Sullivan. Whew, long sentence. But this book is a short, but fulfilling read. Merit continues to be spunky and her blue-haired best friend is always a hoot, providing for some funny nicknames for everyone’s favorite liege (Darth Sullivan being my favorite.)

In the second installment of one of my favorite vampires series, Chicago’s vampires are facing a new kind of status: celebrity. As Merit & Co.’s comings and goings become tabloid fodder, so do vampire raves that leave the human population of the Windy City dwindling. This time around, Merit finds herself as a liaison of sorts between her real estate mogul father and her new fanged friends in an attempt to broker a deal to keep some of the less than savory events off of the front page.

FIRST CHAPTER:  Merit has accepted her place in Cadogan House and was as such (surprisingly) named house Sentinel. So we begin the book with Madame Sentinel and her best blue-haired friend, Mallory, bonding in a jazz dance class. The best part of the beginning? Merit and Mallory are making a point to bond because Merit and Ethan are going to share an address.


No, Merit did not accept Ethan’s offer. But she did decide that moving into Cadogan House was for the best considering her new title.

DIALOGUE:  Still fun, still catchy.

Quote that I could relate to: (Merit and Mallory discussing Merit’s growth as a vampire.)

“Seriously, I’m totally weirded out by the girly nature of this conversation. And yet, it’s kinda like you’re growing up. Do you think Judy Blume made a book about adolescent vampires? Are You There God, It’s Me, Merit?” Mallory snorted, obviously pleased with herself.

Words every girl should live by: (Merit to Ethan.)

“You can tell a lot by the size of a man’s library”

BIAS:  Seeing Merit interact with her family is like Gossip Girl meets The Vampire Diaries. It’s fun and such an intelligent way to force Ethan and Merit to spend some time together.

READ-A-LONG SONG:  The One You Love by Glenn Frey


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