NaNoWriMo for Whinos

(It seems I’ve abandoned all editing practices this month as I keep finding silly spelling and grammatical errors throughout this post. Forgive me.)

If you’re anything like me, you’re an undisciplined head case. I love creating rules and systems of structure, but I absolutely loathe following them, which is why I’m no good at outlining my novels. I do best with a few scenes in my head and a firm end point, then I can work backwards and determine where the beginning of the story is. Anything more detailed and I lose my creative drive.

So I’ve been thinking of motivational tactics to use during NaNoWriMo. If you’ve read previous posts you’re aware that this is my third year having a go at it. The first year didn’t work, the second year didn’t work. I crapped out in less than a week on both. In this third adventure in Nanoland, I’m taking stock of what did and didn’t work the previous years. The big thing that didn’t work in year one was that my plot was a disaster. Last year I had decided to skip ahead to the sequel and work on that, but that ended up taking the series in a slightly darker (and way cooler) direction which meant I had to rework the plot for the first book. Thus I had decided to put Nano aside and figure out how to fix what wasn’t working. This year, the plot is fixed and working well. In fact, it’s working so well that I’m a little over 30,000 words into the manuscript and decided to cheat and continue working on it for NaNoWriMo. Hey, whatever gets the book written, right?

Back to the point– I don’t do well with rules. I break the rest of the world’s rules when it comes to socially acceptable behavior, language, and California state driving laws, why would I think for a moment I could create rules for myself that I would actually follow? Well, now that I’ve admitted I’m a rebellious mess, I think I’ve found a way to satisfy my need to set goals and my desire to break every rule I’ve ever met– I’m going to hit myself where it hurts most.

I’m a little (okay, more than a little) neurotic and so I’ve decided to play on that. If there’s one thing I can’t stand is chipped nail polish. It seriously drives me nuts. I hate the look of it, hate the feel of it on my nails. I take great care to keep my nails from chipping, including applying regular protective coats throughout the week to ensure that just-polished look.

Last night I painted my nails and I brokered a deal with myself– I can change the paint color every 5,000 words I write. In order to test this method of goal setting, I’m making myself wait until I reach 10k in NaNo before I can change the color (a little over 6k away.) I kind of can’t wait until the first chip appears and I freak out, wanting to fix it, but don’t allow myself. I’m such a masochist (and now you no longer wonder why I’m a writer.)

So every 5,000 written words I’ll change the polish and log it on the site. I could totally argue there’s value in posting about nail polish, but really, I just like nail polish. Sue me. *snort*

NaNo Tracker

Day: 3

NaNo Word Count: 3,282 (from days 1 and 2)

Total MS Word Count: 31,578

Today’s Goal: 3,000

Nail polish: Burgundy Apple by Sinful Colors (for sale at Walgreens for $1.99 each. Image courtesy of which has a great list of various nail polish colors. Click image for link.)

My reward?

This: black polish with rainbow stripes courtesy of WakyLaki, one of my favorite nail polish blogs. You should check it out, it’s kind of wonderful.

Okay, enough nail polish gushing, back to writing.


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