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The It Gets Better Project and What that Means for My Vote

There’s something I’ve thought a lot about recently, a topic I’ve wanted to give a voice to, and I haven’t been sure if I should say something or not. As much as I may dislike the thought of it, being a writer is more than just about putting words on a page—it’s about being able to sell your product. And sometimes that means you are your product, which sometimes means figuring out how to sell myself. It also means determining how to sell myself. Realizing this means that I spend a lot of time biting my tongue for fear of upsetting a potential reader, when I’d rather give a voice to my opinions. But this topic is more important than mine or anyone else’s comfort.

I may regret this tomorrow, but I’ll be glad I had the courage to say it today. Feel free to un-follow. This isn’t about politics for me, it’s not about being one zoo animal or another. Though, it does verge on that. I get it, you’re sick of it. So am I, but this isn’t something I can ignore, nor can I allow this to go unsaid. Someone once told me that I was unsure about who to vote for because I didn’t know myself well enough to know what issues matter to me and I’m not willing to compromise on. I was angry with him, sure, but he was right.

For me, this is purely about the world I want to leave behind to the next generation. So today I want to talk about a cause that is very close to my heart: the It Gets Better Project. We can all have our beliefs and express them as we see fit. I realize that not everyone is going to feel the same way I do about everything under the sun, and I’m okay with that. I can deal with a dissenting opinion. What I can’t deal with and refuse to tolerate is the hate, cruelty, and abuse that many face, which ultimately leads to the contemplation of suicide. Sadly, suicide among the LGBT community, especially among teens and young adults, is alarmingly high. Even one lost life is too much.

The world I want to leave to my future children is a world where they are free to love who they want, where they can go to prom as a couple, and where they can marry and have—or adopt—children. I want to pass on a world where they never once question if their feelings are wrong or not. And while all of this sounds beautiful and flowery and wonderful, I know that as a society, we have a long way to go before this can happen and that’s why it’s critical that the buck stops here. Because while I will accept a divergent viewpoint, I refuse to sit in silence, afraid to offend, while children are dying. I refuse to accept hate in the name of Christ and I refuse to cow tow to fear.

My plea to you, the reader, is this: please think very long and hard before you vote on Tuesday. Please think about the world you want to leave to your children. Please consider what their world will look like, and above all, please, consider that the rights of few should always matter to the many. The persecution and mistreatment of people should always matter. Just because you may be able to marry who you want does not mean that this issue doesn’t affect you. It does. It matters, it’s important.

And now I have to continue writing so I can get to 10k and change my nail polish. I’ll follow up this post later on by sharing a little bit about THE BIRTHRIGHT SERIES that may or may not matter to anyone.


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