The Epic Giving Thanks Scavenger Hunt!

I’m excited to announce my participation in The Epic Giving Thanks Scavenger Hunt which is being hosted by Book Brats.

Ah, November. No matter how wrapped up in NaNoWriMo I get, there’s something at the end of the month I always look forward to: Thanksgiving. For some it’s the pre-cursor to Christmas, and for some it’s the day their pants stop fitting. My wish for everyone is that we all have loved ones to spend the holiday with. What is a holiday without love?

And to show how very much we (bloggers) love and appreciate your follows and attention paid to our tiny little corners of the internet– we’re giving thanks to YOU! Whether you’re here for the writing prompts or the incessant ramblings about my journey as a writer, chances are you love books as much as I do. And what better way to celebrate our joint love of books and to thank you for hanging out with me than by giving away a free book?

From Book Brats:

We’ve put together a lineup of some amazing bloggers who are super excited about books and ready to share the things that make them thankful for books. On this day, day one of our event, we want to share with you the clues to help you navigate the Giving Thanks Scavenger Hunt of Epic. First, the schedule of events! Be sure to stop by each blog on each day to get your best shot at winning!

Nov 12 – Book Brats
Nov 13 – Making The Grade
Nov 14 – Writing My Own Fairytale
Nov 15 – Book Addicts Guide
Nov 16 – Bumbles and Fairy-Tales
Nov 17 – Beauty and the Bookshelf AND JC Emery
Nov 18 – Dizneeee’s World of Books 
Nov 19 – Book Babes AND Gypsy Book Reviews
Nov 20 – Starting the Next Chapter
Nov 21 – I Love Books Club
Nov 22 – WRAP UP!
Nov 25 – Contest Ends, Twitter Party

And I bet you want to know how you are going to find the code word in all this, the proverbial needle in a haystack. Well, our bloggers are going to be crafty about hiding their word (or words) in fun ways. It might be bolded randomly, or in a fun color, or written backwards. But that means you have to read the entire post to find the word, but don’t worry, I’ll give you a very easy entry for day one.


With that, you can go into the Rafflecopter and enter Thanksgiving for the Day One code each day until the 26th. Same with each new word until the final few days, when you have the chance to combine all the words together to make a secret phrase worth 25 entries! And as a special thank you to our readers, we’re giving you other ways to enter by following our awesome bloggers. On the 26th, we’ll be having an epic Twitter Party where we’ll be giving away swag, books, and other goodies. And of course we’ll be having a grand ole time just hanging out and chatting about books! So be sure you stick around for that. Without further ado, I give you today’s Post of Thanks from our dear resident brat Rywn. Enjoy the post, and enjoy the scavenger hunt!

Check out Book Brats for the rafflecopter with the list of giveaways!

Stay tuned for my giving thanks countdown to turkey day daily posts.


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