Um, Mom, Is that a Panda On Your Head?

So, I was supposed to start this whole thanks-a-day posting business a few days ago and it didn’t work out. My family was experiencing a health scare which could have led to the loss of a family member. Everything is all right now– thankfully.

Truth be told, for a few days there I wasn’t feeling very grateful. I was frustrated and annoyed, and at times, angry. I just didn’t feel like posting my gratitude because when my family was being torn apart, I wasn’t grateful. And maybe that’s an unflattering part of my personality. I don’t know. But despite all of the chaos, there is one person who kept me together through everything: my mom.

I credit my wacky parents for my personality. There’s never been an illusion of prim and proper in my household, and for that I am grateful. Their easy-going attitudes are what has allowed me to be who I am and to grow as a writer. It’s not always about the things people do for you, sometimes it’s simply about the way they are. AND THE THINGS they’ve done for me haven’t hurt, either.

So last weekend we were hanging out and watching the Niners game. My mom is, above anything else, super loving. She has her moments, but then she does live with me so… anyway. One thing I know she looks forward to in years to come is having grandchildren. Well, for now she has feline grandchildren. And she loves them no matter how many times they nibble at her.

— click image for blinkie (I’m techie fail and it’s not showing as a GIF —

^^^ My awesome mom playing with Charlie, my American Ragdoll ^^^

So in the spirit of being thankful, I’m going to keep this short and go spend time with my family. Because now that things have calmed down I am very thankful to have them.

Here’s hoping every one of you have a happy and safe holiday.

– JC


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