Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

There are some things I just don’t talk about here. It’s not because I’ve intentionally been keeping quiet about it. It’s just that I thought this was supposed to be a blog about writing. But the truth about writing blogs is that unless you’re a BNA (big name author ala Meg Cabot or Charlaine Harris) or you can draw like Debbie Ridpath Ohi (of Will Write for Chocolate), or you’re an agent or publisher, nobody gives a hoot and a half what the hell you’re talking about.

It’s true.

So now I arrive at a crossroads. What is my blog about, and should I really share everything here? And by everything, I don’t mean what I ate for breakfast this morning– just everything related to this whole writing thing. Because, honestly, there’s some stuff that I’m a little nervous to share. Will people judge me? Will they disregard me if I admit to writing fan fiction? (Yeah, I said it. *sticks tongue out* So there!) Will someone mock me for being a student at the University of Phoenix?


And so what?

I talk a good game about being proud of who you are and marching to the beat of your own drum. I like to dish it out about giving haters the bird and ignoring the judgment, but when it comes to doing it myself I can be a little wimpy. I guess we can consider this an early New Year’s resolution or something, but I’m letting the cat out of the bag (really, she’s starting to growl.)

More to come…



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