Gaining Vs Losing

Resolution Week #2: “What Im going to gain in 2013

There’s a Special K ad campaign that’s been airing for the past week or so; the pitch is “What are you going to gain in 2013?” The commercial shows women nervously standing on a large red scale in the middle of NYC’s Times Square. When they each step on the scale a new message appears: strength; confidence; peace, etc…

This got me thinking about the difference between gaining and losing. The cliche new year’s resolution about losing weight is kind of negative, don’t you think? What about turning it around to “gaining a healthier lifestyle”? So here’s a rundown of what I’m going to gain in 2013 (negativity not allowed)…


I’m going to gain:

  • a healthier lifestyle with better eating habits
  • a realized dream (becoming a published author)
  • a better attitude (no more bitching about turning 30– err– I hope)
  • a little financial security (really, any financial security would be awesome at this point)
  • the courage to be less fearful of life
  • the self-discipline to stay on task with my writing and in school
  • control over my spending (while not much still leaves room for improvement)
  • a kinder self-image

What are you going to gain in 2013?


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