How People Ruin Twitter for the Rest Of Us

It’s one of those days… you know the kind– where you’re hiding away from all the real work you have to do (homework, edits, etc…) and you decide to stow away with all of the other slackers on that little website we call

Only, you find yourself bombarded with promotional tweets for everything ranging from a “BESTSELLING BOOK THAT YOU WON’T WANT TO PUT DOWN” to “OMG GUYZ PLS BUY MY BOOK, KAY?”

Which is only mildly more annoying than this…

“Ever wonder why your book isn’t selling? Try our new writer’s conference now for only $149 for a three day virtual seminar.”

Um, right.

I’m unemployed, yo.

I’ve tried to be patient. I’ve tried to let it go and to tell myself that these people are working hard for a positive end result: book sales.

I get it, okay.


But this is where I put my foot down, Twitter.

^ click on photo for credit ^

I realize that I’m likely to lose some of my followers for unfollowing those obnoxious self-promoters, but so be it if that means my little hideaway can be safe once more.

So here’s the thing, if an account doesn’t interact with others and their sole purpose of tweeting is to promote themselves, I’m unfollowing. If I get a DM from a recent follower with a sales pitch, I’m unfollwing. It’s the only way I know how to enjoy Twitter anymore. Sorry.


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