18 Reasons Why My Sister Is Amazing

This is (sort of) part of the Giving Thanks thing I said I’d do and only did once. But anyway. Here it is, a “Giving Thanks” to a very special person I think you all should know.


Birth Name: Brittany

Code Name: Bit Bit, AKA Patoozle (that’s her gangster name)

Status: Amazing

Education: College Freshman

Native: California

Resident: Illinois


1. She picked out Lola (AKA Stalker Kitty)


2. She packs some serious snark

3. She’s a really good softball player and she works really hard at it

NCL Pitching

4. She was a really cute and happy baby

5. She’s about as gentle as I am… 🙂

6. We fangirl over the same shows (mostly)

7. Despite all expectations, she’s still 1/4″ shorter than I am

8. She trusts me enough to confide in me

9. She’s the only other person on this planet who knows what it’s like to have “those people” as parents

Dad and Mom

10. She tells me the truth especially when I don’t want to hear it

11. She’s loyal (rockin’ the team colors!)

britt panda

12. She’s brave enough to be halfway across the country from me (I know it must be hard for her!)

britt grad

13. She gave my mom someone else to focus on (so I could get away with more shenanigans!)

14. She puts up with me

15. She’s a frickin’ dork and I LOVE it!

16. She’s the second-most stubborn person I know of (me being the first)

17. I tortured her and she still loves me


18. She taught me to be a better person simply because she’s alive


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