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The Return of the NHL — or — Why I Won’t Be Wearing Teal

This is where I tell you a heartwarming story about how me and my dad bonded over hockey when I was a kid. Or not. My dad isn’t even a hockey fan. No, this is where I tell you how petty I can be– at least it’s feeling kind of petty at this point.

I have a very clear memory of being a little girl and curling up with my dad to watch the San Francisco 49ers kick the asses of any team who dared to walk into Candlestick. That was back in the day before Montana was replaced by Young and Rice made the NFL his bitch (there’s that stupid word again!) The rest of the year we spent donning orange and black and cheering on our favorite underdogs, the San Francisco Giants. Nevermind the horrible drought that exists from late January through mid-March when there are no game for us to watch. Nevermind that awkward time from September through October where there’s too many games to watch. But that was years ago, long before I became interested in hockey.

And that’s it for the trip down memory lane.

So, the NHL has figured out their issues and we’re getting a shortened hockey season this year. Better than no hockey season, am I right? Well, having grown up in a home without a pre-determined allegiance to a particular team, I find myself in a strange spot. I don’t really have team.

If I went by proximity to NHL teams, I’d be a San Jose Sharks fan.

If I went by fondness for cities I’d either be a Dallas Stars or a Chicago Blackhawks fan. Or, for old times sake, the Calgary Flames (long story.)

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Well, I can’t be a Sharks fan for a very simple yet complex reason. I’m holding a possible life-long grudge against the team (in general) for not making an “It Gets Better” video. They were “too” busy. Despite their “busy” schedule, they had previously made time to make a stupid Christmas commercial for ESPN. And hey, I understand busy schedules. Things come up. But here’s the deal– you make time for things that matter to you. You absolutely make time for something so small, which can’t possibly take that much time when it can save for many lives. The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES MADE TIME. One is left to assume that suiting up in a bunch of protective gear and playing a game which requires that its players handle their stick and smack the puck (I know, I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old) takes up SO much time that helping to prevent suicide– regardless of how long it takes– is just not worth it.

So this team-less hockey fan has decided that they’re the ones who are not worth it.

It might seem petty, but this is a topic which matters to me. And maybe I am making quite a stink out of it, but I can’t let it go– especially not when I was so excited to catch a little hockey this season only to realize that I don’t know which team’s color I should be wearing.

I do know which color I won’t be wearing though…


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