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Pretty Boy (a Marital Bitch Pasttake)

There’s nothing quite like first love– it’s raw and powerful– like fireworks. Bright and reaching in the middle of a quiet life, overtaking every sense and all reason. For Bradley Patrick and his pretty girl, it’s always been this way.


(excerpt from Chapter Four)

“Dinner’s ready boys,” Colleen bounces into the room. She literally bounces. God, I love her tits. I wait a moment before standing up. Nobody, especially her dad, needs to know I’m hard right now. Colleen waits for me, her smile still in place. She is completely oblivious to how much I like her tits, no matter how many times she catches me copping a feel. I walk up and drape my arm over her shoulders. “Heya, pretty boy,” she grins. I roll my eyes, tighten my grip on her shoulders and playfully glare at her.

“How many times do I have to tell you, you can’t call a dude pretty,” I say firmly. She giggles and covers her mouth. My pretty girl likes to get me riled up. If she goes to prom with me she’ll really see me riled up.

Dinner drags out and the twins make multiple not-so-subtle comments about our upcoming prom. Every time the “p” word is mentioned, I get nervous. I really don’t like how this is going. Colleen remains silent on the subject until James calls her on it.

“Okay, little sister, what’s going on over there?” She stares at him blankly, not having a clue to what he is referring. “Prom. You’re going, right?” Colleen clears her throat and blushes and looks down at her plate. James’s gaze shoots toward me and I try to play innocent. I haven’t a clue why he’s looking at me. Nope. Not a one.

“I don’t know. My friend Lindsay wants me to go, but,” she shoves some stew in her mouth and chews, trying to delay the conversation. “Neither of us have dates, so I don’t know.” I quickly shove some bread in my mouth and chew vigorously. I look up and survey the room. Everybody but Colleen is looking at me. This is fucking fantastic. “Do you have a date, Brad?” Colleen asks without looking up from her plate.

“Uh,” I begin, “no, I don’t.” I swallow the last of my bread, trying to figure out how to ask her… in front of both our families. This sucks.

“I thought Lisa asked you last week?” Colleen looks up and tilts her head to the side. Of course Lisa would have told her that she asked me to prom. I really shouldn’t be this surprised, but I am.

“You mean Sucks-A-Lot Wilks?” James asks, laughing loudly. I scratch the back of my neck, not liking where this is going. Colleen scowls at him and throws a piece of her soda bread across the table. Louise tells them both to knock it off. Everyone else is trying to maintain composure.

“Yeah, but I said no,” I say, shrugging my shoulders and trying to maintain the appearance of calm. Colleen appears confused. My heart rate increases and I feel like an idiot. “So,” I can feel myself beginning to ramble because I’m nervous. “Why don’t we go to prom together?”

“Are you asking so you don’t have to go with Lisa?” she asks; her voice small.

“What?” I don’t quite know how to respond. I mean, yeah, that’s part of the reason. But I really do want to go to prom with her. Not because it’s prom, but because I know all about prom night. I know that James got Darla to give it up at prom last year, and the year before that it was with another girl. Shit. I hope he doesn’t know I’m hoping his little sister will give it up to me at prom.

“Am I like, your last-ditch effort to get a date so Lisa won’t ask you again?” she asks. I try to respond, but she seems pretty pissed. I can’t figure out why she’s so pissed. I’m fucking asking her out here. She looks so hot when she’s pissed.

“No,” I snap. “You sure know how to fuck up when a guy is asking you out!” I’m embarrassed and pissed. How dare she! Maybe I don’t want to go out with her after all. Lisa Wilks will have sex with me on prom night. Mom yells and Louise gasps at my language. Colleen crosses her arms over her chest, pushing her tits up, and she huffs. Okay, I do still want to go out with her.

Colleen looks down and I hear her sniffle. Fuck. She’s crying. I stand up to walk over to her, but before I can apologize, she’s up and running out of the dining room. I grumble a string of curse words and chase her up the stairs. Damn, she’s quick. I catch up to her in her room. She’s sitting on her bed, looking at the floor.

“What just happened?” I ask her honestly, because I really haven’t a clue. She shrugs her shoulders but doesn’t say a word. “Okay,” I snap, again, “I’ll tell you what happened. I asked you to prom and you bit my head off.” She looks up at me with red eyes and tear-stained cheeks.

“You’re such a jerk!” she screams, startling me. I begin to defend myself, but she keeps interrupting me. Why in the hell do I want to go out with this girl again? Soon, we’re both screaming at each other. I don’t have any clue what she’s screaming about, but apparently she’s really upset about it. She stands up and flys at me, her little fists flying at my chest. I laugh a little at first, but then it starts to hurt and it’s not funny anymore. I restrain her hands and glare at her. She’s glaring back, cheeks flushed, breathing labored, and her red lips are moist and inviting.

Without another thought, I grab the sides of her face and kiss her roughly. She freezes under my lips, but I continue to kiss her. If she doesn’t respond soon, I’m going to call it quits. Throw in the towel. Hang it up. Basically, I’m going to give up on this whole prom idea. A few moments later and her lips move gently against mine. This is a good sign, I decide. We continue to kiss until we’re both gasping for air.

“Fine,” she says and pushes back off my chest. I pray she doesn’t look down and see me pitching a tent. Wait, fine? Fine, what? “Fine,” she repeats, “I’ll go to prom with you,” she says, pretending to look annoyed.

“Okay,” I say, grinning like a fool, “cool.” She just shakes her head and laughs.

“Thank you, Brad,” she grins at me. “I know you’re just doing this so I don’t have to miss out on prom. I really appreciate it. You’re the best friend a girl could have.” I stare at her stupidly. “You almost had me convinced there,” she smacks my chest playfully, “that kiss.” She pushes past me, laughing lightly and heads downstairs. I stand in her room, confused and a little dejected, wondering if my pretty girl will ever see me as more than just her best friend.

Marital Bitch will be released on January 25, 2013!



2 thoughts on “Pretty Boy (a Marital Bitch Pasttake)

  1. Loved Marital Bitch. Couldnt wouldnt should have put it down to get things done on Memorial Day weekend. Couldnt put it down. I cracked up laughing with these two jumping the issues about saying i love you. Im advoiding those words right now with my boyfriend…until im sure i can say them. Colleen is a true character! So is Patrick…the two will make you laugh! They also can make one horny. But they make you want to yell tell him! Thank you for a really good story. You brought out a really great couple that fits with these times! Got to go! Have to look at your other stories! Then there’s not going to be a clean car nor laundry done!


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