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Being an Indie Author Means…

Here’s a conversation that took place this morning about the new book I’m working on…
Me: I’m just nervous about writing Holly correctly
Adrianne: Don’t. Write the story you want to write
Me: I know, I know. :/
Adrianne: Being an indie means you don’t have to conform and if the story is in you to tell it, there is a reader out there looking for it.

Yes! Do this! I did. :)

And thank goodness for friends.

The moment I saw the words on the screen, I knew I had to blog about this. Because she’s right.

Being an indie author means that I get to set the rules. I get to be the one who decides how far is too far. I get to decide the length, content, and even the language of the work.

What I’m finding challenging about this is putting an end to the nagging in my brain that keeps saying, “But are you following the rules?”

Silencing the inner critic is difficult at best, but I have one thing going for me that everyone– and I mean everyone— needs: a solid support network. Part of being indie means that I don’t have the built-in support of a publisher, agent, editor, and the gaggle of people associated with them in my corner. It does, however, mean that I have the support of other indie authors (which is pretty amazing, let me tell you) and the people closest to me.

I support Indie authors. Love!

So the next time I ask myself if I’m following the rules and writing to the market standard, I’m going to summon the courage to think this instead:


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