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A Month of Firsts

This past month has been pretty crazy.

First of all, it’s officially been a month since I released MARITAL BITCH. The experience has been amazing and wonderful. I think the biggest thing that has allowed me to see this experience in an entirely positive light is how I’ve managed my expectations. I knew that by choosing to be an indie author that success wouldn’t come over night. I don’t have a household name behind me or even a small publisher to tell readers that my book is worth their time. I don’t have a world-class editor or agent who are known throughout the literary world. All I have is my product.

Part of managing my expectation is being grateful for every sale and every review– and they’re not all positive. A few people chose to put MARITAL BITCH on “Do Not Read” shelves on Goodreads purely because they don’t like that I published the story (more on that topic someday.) The negativity sucks for sure, but I believe in my book and so far the positive reviews have far outweighed the negative ones. The hard work is paying off. The returns might seem small to some, but for me it’s more than I was prepared for when I hit the “publish” button last month.

Without knowing what I was doing I tried to run a sale on Amazon to make the book free. That was weeks ago and finally, the other day, the book went “on sale.” (Seriously, it’s free. You should check it out!) I had forgotten about it until Books asked if I meant to make the book free. Well, I figured I’d go ahead and keep it free for a week and run a promo. Only, the book has been doing so well as a free book, I’m not sure what I’m going to do next. Yesterday, MARITAL BITCH went from #41 free in the Kindle store to #28. Today it’s at #21 with over 20,000 downloads since it went free.

Does that mean 20,000 people wouldn’t have paid a buck for it? Sure, that’s a possibility. I’m just going to have to wait until the reviews come in to see if that’s the consensus. And if that’s so I’m just going to have to do better with my next book THE BIRTHRIGHT SERIES: ANOMALY (debuts March 31st, 2013!) This is a marathon not a sprint.

My next first in the past month was returning to a job I had been laid off from this past summer. It’s an interesting situation. The good news is that I really like the job I’m doing and I like the people I work with. It’s not too bad, but the first few days was a bit awkward.

Another first was snow. Sure, I’d been to the snow before. I’d been in the snow before. But there had always been this whole event planned to get to the snow. It was something we visited, not something we lived in. For the past week I’ve been living in the snow while visiting my sister who is at college in Southern Illinois. The trip down here brought an onslaught of firsts: first time traveling with a stranger (don’t ask, but I’m okay), first canceled flight, first snow storm, first visit to Chicago and St. Louis… the list goes on. But really, the big first here was the snow. It’s cold! I mean, what the hell? People consider this habitable?

Truly, I’m not hating on the Midwest. It has definite charm. Just understand that I’m a total wimp who grew up in an environment where we get cold once the thermostat hits 40 degrees even when it’s sunny. And here I’m dealing with snow flurries and ice on sidewalks and– gasp– airport closures… which brings me to my next thing. I’ve had to reschedule my travel arrangements a few times. Anyhow, I fly back home to the flip flop wonderland that is Northern California tomorrow. I have to drive up to Chicago for my flight (long story) and I’m hoping beyond hope that the weather is decent enough to drive around and really see Chicago. I’ve only been to Midway so far. If I don’t make it around town it’ll be fine. I’ll be back in August when I can enjoy a good deep dish without freezing to death.

So this month of firsts has been exciting and curious and kind of scary. But it’s awesome. Getting the chance to call myself an author is amazing. Getting to say I’ve sold a book is incredible. Traveling is fun. So here’s to February! May March be just as great, if not better.


3 thoughts on “A Month of Firsts

  1. I read Marital Bitch today and I LOVED it!! I then tried to find more books from you on goodreads and amazon but sadly lol I’ll have to wait for your next one. I just wanted to say thanks for making your book available for free on Amazon! I greatly enjoyed it and laughed my butt off on so many scenes, got teary eyed once and was just highly entertained for hours! I loved your writing style, the flow of the story line, the dialogue, and well yeah I just loved the book!!! I look forward to following your career and don’t let those mean “Indie Author Haters” bother you much:)


  2. I am IN LOVE COMPLETELY OBSESSED with this book. I am so sad that it is over. I want to hear what happens with Colleen, brad, Dustin, and jarrod!!!! Please email me that you received this ! Will mean a lot!



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