Marital Bitch Updates!

I’ve been busy all of May (heh, all three days) busting my butt on THE SWITCH, the second in the Men with Badges line. But here’s some information on Marital Bitch:

  1. I have a proofer for Marital Bitch to get rid of my dumb grammar mistakes! Yay!
  2. Since I now have a proofer this means the print copy will be available in a few months time, if not sooner.
  3. iTunes– I use Smashwords for distribution and they only update to iTunes a few times a year. I notified them of the problem with the iBook and it’s set to update during their next update (I forget when it is, June, I think). Until then I can personally distribute a copy in another format such as PDF, ePub, or Mobi. I’m sorry about this, but I’ve done all I can to fix it in a timely manner. Now it’s up to Smashwords.

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