Happy New Years + 16 in 16 [repost]

What you’re about to read was a fabulous attempt at making 2016 my bitch. Well, it’s October now, so I can tell you that 2016 was not the bitch in this relationship. :p

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Holy sh!t– it’s 2016.

If you’re either my friend or following me on Facebook, then you probably saw my saccharine-sweet status update yesterday where I waxed poetic about the past year and my hopes for all of you in 2016. Yesterday was a time for reflection, but today is all about making 2016 my… well… you know. In that spirit, I give you:

16 Things I’m Doing In 2016

  1. Moving from California to Illinois (is snow poisoning a real thing?)
  2. Rebranding (but you’ll have to stay tuned to know what that means)
  3. Wrapping up the Bayonet Scars series with the final two installments (I know, I’m sad too)
  4. Introducing you to a new leading man in the Bayonet Scars series Writing about a hot dude you all know and (mostly) love
  5. Giving away a lot of goodies from both myself and my kick-ass friends
  6. Focusing on my health more– to Shakeology or not to Shakeology?
  7. Publishing a total of six new books (can I do it? IDK… but it’s a goal, dang flabbit!)
  8. Visit Ireland (this one’s definitely happening this October!)
  9. Organize a luncheon exclusively for my Jewels
  10. Write.Every.Day. (Well, starting tomorrow)
  11. Write this book that I keep thinking about and haven’t had time to write yet… it’s about this total alpha dude with a temper and a… You didn’t think I’d give up the goods that easy, did you? 😉
  12. Strengthen my relationship with my readers and bloggers (because y’all are the only reason I’m able to do this)
  13. Finally try Marmite. Yeah, Kaz. I’m working myself up to it. :p
  14. Keep y’all updated on my happenings with frequent updates and teasery posts
  15. Get a street team together (these things are helpful, right? lol)
  16. Read 100 books (which ones should I read?)

So, this is what’s on my 16 in 2016 list.

What’s on yours?

xx JC


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