Year in Review + 17 in 17

Well, 2016 made me its bitch. While it was awful in so many ways, it’s over now, and so my attention is better served to the present than the past. Last year’s post was 16 things I was striving for. This year’s post is a combination of things I’m still striving for in 2017 as well as new goals. I learned a lot about myself this year and this list reflects that.


17 Things In 2017

-What didn’t happen in 2016-

  1. Rebranding. This still hasn’t launched, but it finally will this year!
  2. Focusing on my health. This is a constant battle that I lose more often than not,  but I’m still trying.
  3. Publish six books. I published two, but I finished the Bayonet Scars series, so that’s something. I have the same goal this year– six books, people. Six. Books.
  4. Author Events. 2017’s goal is to avoid canceling a single event. Last year, I canceled two. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to cancel, but I hate doing it.
  5. Organize a luncheon exclusively for my Jewels. Still need to figure out how to make this happen.
  6. Write. Every. Day. I need to get better about this and am actively working on creating a lifestyle that’s better suited for this reclusive career.
  7. Keeping in touch. I need help. I’m a hermit and not good about posting updates or promoting my own work.
  8. Read books. I did not read 100 books, but I read what I loved and DNF’d the ones I didn’t. I also discovered that I love audiobooks. 

    -What’s happening in 2017-

  9. Writing and publishing. I’m handing over specifics on most other things to the professionals. (See #7). I’m finally starting to fall back in love with my own words.

  10. Less busy work. (See #7 & #9). Giving up on trying to be all things. (IE: Ditching distracting side projects).
  11. More quality work. (See #10). Honing the talents I already possess. Instead of branching out, I’m branching in (so to speak).
  12. Trying out the minimalist lifestyle in a minimal way. In some areas, not all. Example: I gave up my hosting plan in favor of kicking it broke school with WordPress’s freeish option. Also? Ditching unused makeup and beauty products (what!). More on this later.
  13. Living in the present. Better focus on the now, not the before or the after. Seriously– focusing on everything but the right now is a major joy suck.
  14. Succeeding in every single one of my classes. (Yep, I’m still a part-time undergrad and we hates it). Even if I am forced to read Marlowe. Again.
  15. Traveling to Canada for the first time. And making a trip back to California. Maybe to stay? (Yes, I do realize that I just moved to Illinois. What can I say? I’m a left coaster at heart, I guess).
  16. Building positive juju through non-dickish acts– big & small. I’m still working on this one, but basically, I’m going to work on writing more dick while being less of one.
  17. Rediscovering the beauty of storytelling. Somewhere along the way, I fell out of love with storytelling. All the pressures of the industry started to cave in and I crashed. I believe it was in 2015. But 2017 is the year of finding the light in the darkness.

Well, that’s it for my 17 in 17. I hope that this time next year, as I read this post, I can say that I’ve checked off more boxes than I did the previous year.


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