About JC

As a child, JC was fascinated by things that went bump in the night. As they say, some things never change. JC is known for her bad-ass anti-heroes who lure unsuspecting readers into their dark stories and refuse to leave them alone– even once their story is finished. JC is a San Francisco Bay Area native, but has also called both Texas and Louisiana home. She just recently ditched her flip flops for winter boots and now resides in Southwestern Illinois. When she’s not torturing her characters for fun, JC drops the pen name and goes by Christina. JC is the author of the Bayonet Scars series– about an outlaw motorcycle club that starts a war with the Italian mafia. Now that she’s retiring her bikers, she’s seriously pondering what’s next for the Mancuso crime family.

5 thoughts on “About JC

  1. Just finished Marital Bitch and loved it! I married my best friend 29 years ago (after meeting him in first grade-over 47 years ago-OMG) and could totally relate to this book. Well done! Several of your insights were spot on! Looking forward to your next book! Keep reaching for your star and doing what makes you happy! Thank you for sharing your gift.
    Best wihes
    Amy in SC


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